Dashboard walking challenge

This morning I got involved with #100daysofwalking in twitter because of a tweet from my friend Máirín Murray.

The challenge by Dr Ciara Kelly

And suddenly I was using Power BI to analyse my walking data that I have been collecting since August 2015 with my apple watch.

I used the app Health Export to get the data form Apple Health into a CSV.

After importing it in Power BI it needed some transformations:

  • Power BI needed to have the right local settings to make sure the numbers and delimiters where read right.
  • I only want to keep walks longer than 30 minutes and more than 1 km, so I used a filter
  • When I was visualising, I noticed some doubles in the beginning, that was because at that time I would use two apps to track 1 walk to find out which app I wanted to use. So, I extracted the date and the hour out of the starting moments to use Power BI to remove the doubles
  • When I wanted to show the number of steps, it was not giving me the thousands separator so I went back to Power Query Editor to change it from a whole number to a decimal number and I got the right visualisation.

I kept the dashboard basic. Just showing a slicer from my first recorded walk (September 11, 2015) up to the end of 2020. And 3 cards that are showing the number of walks, distance walked and a step count. In the bottom there is a line chart that shows by Date the walked distance.

I published it on my Power Bi side:

Now the next challenge: how to build this in Tableau.

While importing the data I need to change the text file properties. Field separator from the automatic generated space option into a comma and the locale needs to be changed into English. And I need to tell Tableau the field names are in the first row.

The columns that I do not need, need to be removed. I can’t find delete, I do find an option called hide, will that be the same. I notice that in Power BI I removed a column more, also one that the not have values at all, this on is not loaded in Tableau.

The type needs to be filtered on Outdoor Walks,

Filter walks longer than 30 minutes. The column Duration is Date & Time all with the date 30-12-1899, so this needs to be in the filter. The Duration needs to have a minimum that is equal or bigger than 30-12-1899 00:30:00.

Filter walks longer than 1 km

Remove the double entries, noop I have no idea yet how to do this, so I have 36 entries too much and those will effect my visualisation.

Step count is already a number.

Question to me being used to Power BI, how can I recall the steps I took to prepare my data, in Power BI I can read that step by step back in the query editor.

Get 3 cards for number of walks, distance walked and step count

The filter being used is the start date and needs to be used for all using this data source

After I had the sheets, I made a dashboard, was not easy to give me the 3 cards and the filter on top, needed to choose for float.

Overtime I will learn more of Tableau dashboarding and it will become better looking

Go to my public Tableau to have a view of this dashboard.


Some weeks ago, my manager informed me he wants me to be involved with the Tableau project. Since a year or so the department has stared to build management reports in Tableau. Up to than most of them where Excel dashboard and they need to be converted. I was already involved in the 1-hour weekly sessions that we have to discuss about the progress.

Today and yesterday I have had an online training with a group of TU Delft employees and now I can start contributing into the dashboards. Ready to go.

Today and yesterday I have had an online training with a group of TU Delft employees and now I can start contributing into the dashboards. Ready to go.

The training is split into 19 modules. Same subjects are: Working with Dates, Organizing Data, Working with Tooltips, Defining Subsets, Distributions, Making a map, Using multiple measures, Relationship between measures, View specific values, Adding some analytics, Customizing Data, Parameters and finally making a Dashboard.

Now I’m ready to start creating visualisations with work data and I will try some #MakeoverMonday or #WorkoutWednesday challenges to publish on the public places.