Week 02 #WorkoutWednesday Power BI challenge

We continue with the document that has been made last week.

Read the challenge and solution for this week

How did I build my solution?

  • In the Power Query Editor added a Custom column, using the option in the menu. I like to put commands in the properties to know later what I have been doing and I changed the name of the step.
  • The format of the column needs to change into a Decimal Number.
  • Took the code from the Advance Editor into https://www.powerqueryformatter.com/ to format it into a nice humanly readable code
  • For the dashboard I went for the Frontier Theme of Power BI to soften the colours.
  • I like to work with a background for the header and visualizations, so I started with building that in Power Point, from there saving it as a JPG and put that as a page background. Need to make sure the background colour here is the same as in my Frontier Theme of Power PI, so copied the Hex code. The lettertype also need to fit, the Verdana type
  • Added 3 card visualizations for “total revenue”, “total expanses” and “total profits” and changed the Data Label into the Million units. I gave the Cards the title and removed the Category option.
  • Added 3 line charts visualizations to show the 3 trendlines. Here the titles of the axis have been removed, because the card title can do those jobs.
  • Added 3 bar charts to show the results by conference. I changed the x-axis title into “Total Revenues by conference”, “Total Expenses by conference” and “Total Profits by conference” and made sure the top titles of the cards and the bottom titles are aligned.

The dashboard is published online.

The M-Code