Week 01 #WorkoutWednesday Power BI challenge

Scrolling in Twitter I came across the posting of Spencer Baucke about a new WorkoutWednesday challenge. They have been making them for Tableau since January 2018. In 2021 they start with Power BI and I’m going to join them.

In week 1 it was a small touch to the wonders in Power Query. Making a connection to the database and doing some filtering.

I made the connection with the dataset in Data.World without downloading it to my computer.

Connection to DataWorld

Thanks to Barrett Studdard for sharing how to do that.

And we needed to set a filter on the fact table. Making sure the conference is not null and not FBS Total and Conference Median is not in the subdivision.

The complete code became as followed.

I have published the file online, the coming weeks we will build onto this dashboard.

You can follow my progress.