Day 01 #30DQUERY

The Challenge

A little bit of GUI, a little bit of keyboard. With today’s challenge find the employees with a birthdate in 1974.

My Route

  1. Open the Entity <DimEmployee>
  2. Make the new column by selecting the 3 columns and choose option merge, give the name <FullName>
  3. Close and Apply
  4. Go to Report
  5. Select the visual Table
  6. Select the 4 columns
  7. Don’t summarize the EmployeeKey
  8. Filter the BirthDate-Year at 1974
  9. Sort ascending on BirthDate

My result

Report in progress

The Report is published as it is right now. In the coming day’s it will get more shape. Right now it is a working process. So, what you see is the latest update.