#MakeoverMonday; 2020 wk08; Australian Homelessness Services Housing

I restarted working with #MakeOverMonday challenges.
I want to make one #PowerBI file for all of 2020. Each week its own page. On each page there will be a rebuild of the original visualization and how I would like to present it. Each page will also have a link to the dataset.

I started with the challenge for week 8, so it will fit in the VizReview of coming Wednesday. The challenge can be found here: https://data.world/makeovermonday/2020w8.

My first big challenge was an issue with PowerBI, it was giving me an error message when importing the data from week 4, I started googling on the error and found out, I’m not the only PowerBI user that gets an error message when working with files that always have been working. So I skipped importing the data from week 4 and wait till Microsoft will have shorted this issue.

The file that I will make will have a page per week, the first page will be the week that is ready for its weekly review. Page 2 is the Introduction page. On this introduction page I use the function Bookmarks form PowerBI to go to the other pages / visualisations.

Go to PowerBI to see the interactive result