Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology II, Unit 4: What is Alien? > Language Showcase: Creating Klingon / Klingon at the Smithsonian

In this unit we dive deeper into the Klingon language, how it is made and how you create a language based on the rules there are in world languages.

Language Showcase: Creating Klingon

How does Klingon compare to other fictional languages? Is it the leading fictional language or have other franchises like Lord of the Rings surpassed it? Would you use Klingon in your everyday life?

To create a fictional language, you need to look at the creators who are going to speak it. So the Klingon is a fighting creature, so the languages needs to sound raw and in fighting mood.
I don’t think another fictional language can surpass the Klingon language. Klingon was the first fictional language so all other ones are spinoffs and can never get to the same number of fans.
I would not use Klingon in everyday life. I did not know there was an official language and a dictionary were you can learn the words and gramma of Klingon. Now I do know, I still would not use it, because I refer it with a fighting creature and that is not in me.