Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology II, Unit 3: What is Alien? > Aliens Sound Different / Aliens behave differently

In this unit we are looking at the sounds of Aliens and how they behave

Aliens Sound Different

Scott asks if you have any phrases in Klingon you’d like to share. What are the most important phrases to know in another language? How does learning another language provide insight into learning a new culture?

Klingon is a language I do not speak. I found a blogpost about the 12 most important phrases to know in every language. It comes down on introducing yourself and asking how the other is doing. Be polite and asking where you kind find a place or an object.
When you know another language, you can communicate and understand why some things are done. The episode “Darmok.” Star Trek: The Next Generation, broadcasted in 1991 is a good example for that. I wrote about that episode in my previous starlog.

Aliens Behave Differently

Margaret asks:
“What episode of Star Trek makes you step back and rethink your stance on gender, race, or sexuality? Why is that?”

Years ago, when I first started watching Start Trek it got my attention, because of the different characters in The Original Series, Uhuru, Spock and Scotty, later on in The Next Generation Worf and Data and in Voyager, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine. It was so nice to watch the series that crossed borders in gender and race. In that time I did not realise why it got my attention now with passing the years and following this course I start to realise what it was. Now with watching every episode it shapes my stance on gender and race

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