2019-10-25 My first Hackathon FarmHack.nl

Wednesday, we received the last information about the hackathon. I made a Trello Board, connected with Planyway so I could view the agenda in that way and easily tick off when events where past.

Friday morning 7 AM was the time that I left to travel to Wageningen. The trip went smooth and at 9:00 I walked into the building, we started with coffee and tea.
At 9:30 we were officially welcomed and the four different challenges where presented
At 10.30 and at 11:00 we had the chance to talk to the challengers to find out more about the challenge. At home I had looked and thought that the Hendrix challenge was the coolest. During the presentations I also found the Lely & Rovecom Challenge interesting. At the end I did choose for Hendrix. 5 other people also choose this option and together we made a team.

Here a photo of the team and the challengers in blue.

When the teams were formed it was team for a lunch. After a good lunch we received the data and started exploring the data. Some with Python, some with R, I used Python and I used Power BI to get visual insides.

There was a lot of information in the data

The goal was: predict animal performance in warmer barns. So that is what we were looking for. I cannot tell much about our findings, because we explored the data, but we did not become owners of the data nor of the results.

At 16:00 we went to have a drink and a talk. We got and inspiration talk by Arthur Mol and information about the StartHub form WUR. 18:00 time for dinner and at 19:00 back to the data.

We were working closely to getter in different tools to find solutions and answers to the hypothesis. Just after midnight it was enough for me. I could barely keep my eyes open, lets even think. So, I unrolled my yoga math in another room and crawled into my sleeping bag.
Two other team members had left a little bit earlier to sleep home. 3 continued. 1 fell asleep in the chair while working and 2 fell on their sleeping mattress at 6:30.

At 8:00 it was breakfast time, this was served in the room we were, so at 7:50 the catering switched on the lights and we all were woken up.

After Breakfast time to pitch about the status of the project and back to sprint to the end of the project.

At 12:00 time to hand in all the work and time for lunch.

12:45 pitching time. 6 minutes per group. Whauw there were some stunning results. After the pitched it became thrilling; we had to wait for the jury to come with a result.

There were 3 prices for some terrific results. Unfortunally not for our result. On the other hand, the people form Hendrix were happy we had analysed the data and told them insides on it. They had not checked the data before this challenge.

For me I got what I had wanted to get. The experience of being present at a Hackathon. Seeing how other people deal with this. Working in a team. Meeting new people. Expanding my network with data lovers in the agri sector.

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