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Exploring a New Starship

For this media analysis, we’d like you to think about the role the starship Enterprise has played in the Star Trek television series and films.

In what ways does the U.S.S. Enterprise function as a character, not just a vehicle in Star Trek? Does “she” have a personality? Do the other ships in the Star Trek universe have the same level of character development?

Don’t know what to write down.

Tech Showcase Ion Propulsion

Write a post in your Starlog answering the question below.

Where do you think ion propulsion and future engine technology will take us? What are the dangers? Are there other applications?

Ion propulsion and future engine technology can take us to other place beyond where humans have gone before. So, we can explore what of Star Trek is Science Fiction and what turns into Science Fact.

The dangers of ion propulsion are not known yet. There is the risk that we pollute space without knowing it. There has been a Star Trek episode which was addressing this topic. Where warp drive was creating a rapture in the time continuum and space crafts needed to fly slow at that area.

Promotion to Captain

Yes I’m done with this course and I can call myself Captain.

This was mission 1, two more missions to go in this journey to let myself being inspired by the Culture and Technology of Star Trek.

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