Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology I, Unit 5: What Does It Mean To Be Explorers? > Exploring the Space Race / Exploring Diverse Representations

In this second part of the course it is about exploring.

What is exploring according to the Cambridge dictionary:

  • to search and discover (about something):
  • to think or talk about something in order to find out more about it:

What is exploring according to Wikipedia:

  • Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery of information or resources.
  • In scientific research, exploration is one of three purposes of empirical research (the other two being description and explanation).

Exploring the Space Race

In this unit we compared the exploration that happened in the 1960’s when the first people started to go to the moon. Russia and the USA both had a program, but because of the cold war they where not communicating to each other about what they were doing.

In the program StarTrek the exploration went beyond the moon. They went even beyond this galaxy. Into other ones. Explored were no one went before. Looking closely at the episodes and filter out the location and species of humanoids you see that they were focussing on real-time problems.

I was impressed by the episode “Half a life”. On Kaelon Two it is normal that people end their life on the day they turn 60. They make a party of it. I was impressed because in the country I life there is a group of people who believe it is okay to end your life when you think yourself your life is completed.

Exploring Diverse Representations

For this starlog we need the following question:

At the end of the video, Margaret says that space exploration was controversial in the 1970s and 1980s. People wondered why the government was spending time and money exploring the solar system when critical problems existed here on Earth. What do you think? Should the government resolve Earthly issues before exploring space? Or is a scientific investigation of distant worlds a fundamentally human endeavor of exploration? Explain your argument.

I agree with Captain Kirk

I agree with Captain Kirk Doctor McCoy is right in pointing out the enormous danger potential in any contact with life and intelligence as fantastically advanced as this. But I must point out that the possibilities, the potential for knowledge and advancement is equally great. Risk, risk is our business. That’s what the Starship is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her.

Yeah sometime you wonder why money is spend on exploring space and not on defeating hunger in the world. On the other hand, what they find out for space travel can be used in the real world and would not have been thought about when there would not have been space travel. Look at Hook-and-loop fasteners and the tab on a soda can. Things do no longer fly in the air, but stay attached.

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

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