LinkedIn Analytics in Power BI

Thanks to Warren Dean for his blog, about how to make a Dashboard for LinkedIn Analytics

I found this blog at the beginning of September and I do want to analyse my LinkedIn information.
So, at September 6 I requested LinkedIn to send me my information. While waiting the 24 hours it takes LinkedIn to make my zip-file I started on exploring the Power BI file.

Warren used elements to create the top of the Dashboard. I used the lesson from a webinar (start at 39:40) and created a background in PowerPoint using Warren’s layout.
My last name is longer than Warren’s, so that gave a challenge to let it fit nicely. In the title I also have included since when I’m a LinkedIn member.

Fitting the slicer is the next challenge, that I defeated, by reshaping the slicer, I removed the title of the slicer. I also gave the slicer a fixed end date, because the data received from LinkedIn is static. When I ask an update from LinkedIn, I need to update this end date.

Waren used the default theme colours. I do not like to use the default so I used the website HTML color codes to find the RGB code for the LinkedIn logo and used that colour.

Top 20 Count of Company

The chart “top 20 count of company” shows in my dashboard more than 20 companies, so I checked the settings of the chart. I learned that it is because if there are more companies with the same count, they are also shown, so I change the title of the chart to “Where do the most of my connections work and what is there position” I made it a top 10.

Count of Share by Hour & Count of Share by Weekday

Here I changed the title and the colours.

LinkedIn Activity => Reactions per day

My linkedIn activity is not as high as Warren, so I decided to skip this cart and to change it into reactions per day.
Since this year we can choose for 5 types of reactions. I have given all 5 types the same colour and put them in a stacked column chart. When hoovering over the cart it is visible.


I did not write article’s so I removed that chart.

The result

Plaats een reactie