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Star Trek’s Unique Universe

Question: what are the benefits of adhering to canon?

Answer: The advantage of following a canon is that all episodes are made in the same trent and that fan’s continue to watch. Storyline is easier to follow even if you missed an episode.

Star Trek and the Power of Fandom

Question: Who is your favourite Star Trek character?

This is not an easy question. Each serie does have a favourite to me.
The most important are.

  • Scotty in the original series, his character so Scottish and his accent beautifully.
  • In the Next Generation, it is Data, wonderful to see how he developed during the 7 seasons.
  • In Voyager it is the Doctor, yet another non-human character, he also develops himself into almost human.

Probably Data and The Doctor have spoken to my imagination very early and now, with the emergence of AI and Data Science, it is only clear to me that I want to be able to do more with it.

Promotion Ceremony

Today I got promoted to Lieutenant

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