#MakeoverMonday; 2019 wk18; My first time at Makeover Monday

This was the given visualisation

There have been 216 spacewalks at the International Space Station since December 1998.

I downloaded the data (xls-file with 2 worksheets), saved this as two csv’s and pulled it into PowerBI.
There I did some transformation

  • In the table ISS Spacewalks I made sure that the “year” was a Whole Number and of the type Date and Year.
  • Also the “Number op Spacewalks” needed to be a Whole Number.
  • In the table Spacewalks I extracted the Year out of the “Date” column.
  • The ‘Duration (hours)’ is having two values with a -, this needed to be removed before I could transform the column into a Number.
  • I made a relation between the two tables using the year as a many to many relation.

After that my first challenge was to rebuild the given visualisation.

I’m proud of myself that I managed to create this.
I see that more can be done with this given dataset, but not for today. Maybe I will give it an other shot in the upcoming day’s.

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